Episcopal Conference of Malawi

The Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) is the permanent institution of the Bishops of Malawi whereby, according to the norm of law, jointly exercising the functions in view of promoting the greater good which the Catholic Church offers humankind, through forms and programmes which are fittingly adapted to circumstances of the time and place.


A Holy spirit filled family of God committed to holistic evangelization and integral development for all.


To bring about the kingdom of God in Malawi by teaching and promoting unity, development, justice, peace and solidarity.

ECM Catholic Secretariat

The ECM Catholic Secretariat is the national administrative, facilitative and coordinative arm through which the ECM implements and co-ordinates various pastoral programs at the national level and undertakes all those responsibilities which express the mission of the Catholic Church in Malawi.

It is composed of the Secretary General who is the Executive Officer of the Conference and the staff of the Secretariat comprising the National  Secretaries of the Commissions and their assistants.