Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM)  was established in 1984 as Caritas Malawi. In 1999,  Caritas Malawi was renamed CADECOM  but remains a member of Caritas Internationalis.

Current Bishop Chair is Archbishop Remi Ste-Marie of Lilongwe Archdiocese. Its current National Secretary is Mr. Carsterns Mulume.


Mr. Louis Kawenda- National Relief and Rehabilitation Coordinator

Mr. Francis Matita- National Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Miss Ezelyn Phiri- Departmental Secretary


To create awareness and empower disadvantaged men, women and the youth at all levels to undertake development which is integral, gender and environmentally sensitive, sustainable and which promotes justice, human dignity and self reliance with the active participation of the people themselves so that they take up the responsibility of their own destiny.


  1. To enable CADECOM to successfully monitor and evaluate its programs and progress.
  2. To enable CADECOM to effectively manage human, financial and physical resources.
  3. To ensure the sustainability of CADECOM and its operations and functions.
  4. To implement integrated development programs that are responsive to the needs of disadvantaged men, women and the youth.
  5. To effectively mainstream HIV and AIDS, gender, youth and rights issues in all programs.
  6. To contribute towards the mitigation of the impact of climate change.
  7. To prepare for and respond to emergencies effectively.


  1. Disaster Risk Reduction co-founded by Trocaire and Cordaid.
  2. Integrated Food Security Program funded by Trocaire.
  3. Integrated Food Security Water & Sanitation Project funded by Caritas Australia


CADECOM Strategic Plan

Disaster Risk Reduction Best Practices

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