The Catholic Health Commission (CHC) was established in 2004. Its current National Secretary is Mrs. Matilda Maluza. Its current Bishop Chair is Bishop Thomas Msusa of Zomba Diocese.


Healthy people assisted by a Holy Spirit filled family of God committed to the provision of equitable, sustainable and quality health care for all regardless of gender, race, color and religion.


To continue the Healing Ministry of Christ through the promotion of human life, the provision of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services in a holistic manner, through participation in collaborative networks and partnerships, in accordance with the needs and capacities of the communities, and in line with Catholic core values and principles.


To coordinate the health services and programmes implemented by the Church.


Catholic Health Commission runs a number of institutions as follows:

  • Training Colleges – 5
  • Hospitals – 26
  • Health Centres – 54
  • Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres – 1

In addition to the running of the institutions, Catholic Health Commission also runs the following community based programs:

  • Home Based Care (HBC)
  • Community Based Child Care Centres
  • Integrated HIV and AIDS Response

Catholic Health Commission is serving a population of approximately two million Malawians. Most services are provided at a fee except Home Based Care, immunizations and nutrition rehabilitation which are free.

Where a district health office has signed a service level agreement with the health institution, the costs are shared between the two parties and patients are accessing the service without paying a user fee.

Since 2006 forty [40] catholic health institutions (50%) have signed a service level agreement which in the majority of cases covers maternal and neonatal health services.

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